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What's better than listening to Roger Day's best songs? Singing those very songs with Roger Day live in person! Roger Day has several different live programs that range from the greatest hits, an exploration of the brain, traveling through Atlantic marshes, learning the about animals and those who take care of them at the zoo,  discovering your inner superhero, and even more! A live Roger Day concert is jam packed with fun, interactive, and engaging ways to learn and be active. Each show can include curriculum guides that help kids get ready before the show or keep their minds active once it's over. But most importantly, kids of all ages will sing loud, jump high, and dream big!

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Roger Day's newest action packed show encourages the audience to save the day using the greatest superpower of all...the brain! The show features brand new songs that highlight problem solving, reading, self worth, confidence building, and making the world a better place. Along with several classic Roger Day tunes, this show will energize attendees into knowing that they are all superheroes with very special powers!


Roger Day takes zookeeping to a whole new level in this wacky, educational show all about zookeepers and the animals they oversee. The show highlights animal welfare, characteristics, and zookeeper responsibilities. Featuring classic songs like "It's a No No to Kiss a Rhino" as well as brand new zoo tunes," Roger Day will have everyone of all ages ready to get out and volunteer at their local zoo.


Nothing brings in yuletide cheer better than merry melodies filled with fun and laughter. In Roger Day’s brand new holiday show, the audience will sing, dance, and laugh. Featuring original music as well as seasonal sing-a-longs, this show will put even the most stubborn Scrooge in the holiday spirit! So grab your sleigh bells and get ready to ho ho ho on a Roger Day Holiday!

Roger Day's most known and well loved show will encourage the audience to sing loud, jump high, and of course...dream big! Using his signature wit, whimsy, and wordplay, Roger Day will take the crowd on an active journey through his classic songs including "Roly Poly" and "Mosquito Burrito." If lucky, the audience may even get to help "Parachute Girl" fly over the world with their very own parachute!

Grab your boots and grab your hat as you join Roger Day on a multi-media environmental journey through the coastal ecosystem of a barrier island in Marsh Mud Madness! Sing songs that discuss habitats, energy flow, ecosystems, and more. Hear about the legend of "Blackbeard," visit with the (not so) spooky "Ghost Crab," but make sure you cover your and beware of "Vulture Vomit!"





A show that combines Schoolhouse Rock and Bill Nye the Science Guy, join Roger Day at his inspirational and educational – not to mention anthem-rock – best on this show that makes innovative use of the brain as the theme for every song. Kids will not only learn about the brain, but more importantly be inspired to use it to "Build a Better World." But be careful not to get a "Brain Freeze!"

Ever wanted to write a song? A writing workshop with Roger Day will allow students to do just that! In one class period, Roger Day and a class of thirty or less students will write and record a smash hit from scratch. Perfect for 3rd-5th graders, students will realize that writing a song can be hard, but very rewarding, and they can do anything if they apply themselves. Ready...set...write!

Roger Day has a career that has lasted for going on two decades and transcends the binds of genre and style. To call it conventional would be a mistake, but it certainly is successful! Let Roger Day put a smile on your face as you laugh, listen, and learn about how you, just like Roger Day can turn your big dreams into big realities!

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