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Picture This!

Roger Day's songs go well beyond the music. Music videos, wacky photos, and fun worksheets to go along with his songs and shows make him standout above the crowd. Check out all the different forms media to discover even more Roger Day magic that you can take with you wherever you may go!

Click on the section title to see more of each form of media!

Zookeeper's in the House

The official music video for Roger Day's newest single (and viral hit).

Ghost Crab

An official sneak peak from Roger Day's "Marsh Mud Madness" DVD.

Dream Big!

The official music video for Roger Day's well-known, beloved signature song.

Show One-Sheet

An information sheet with all Roger Day shows!

Show Worksheets

Worksheets to pair with all of Roger Day's shows!

Study Guides

Grade specific study guides for "Marsh Mud Madness!"

Press Kit

The official press kit for Roger Day!

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