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can i quote you on that?

Lots of people who have fun listening, watching, and sining along with Roger Day love to make sure that they let their great experiences be known. Whether it's a major publication like the New York Times or a superhero mother from Albuquerque, Roger Day never gets tired of hearing that people far and wide are having lots of fun as they sing loud, jump high, and "Dream Big!"

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Parents' Choice Gold Award

Parents' Choice Gold Award

“Mr. Day wants his listeners to have their thinking caps on!”

 - The New York Times

“Uplifting…the next best thing to sleepaway camp!”

 - Entertainment Weekly

“This kids' singer songwriter possesses Wit and energy to spare.”

 - Disney’s Family Fun Magazine


“Kids’ imaginations will soar!”

 - Parenting Magazine

“An engaging science lesson with a toe-tapping beat”

 - Christian Science Monitor

”This is a witty and wonderful album devoted to the intricate workings of the brain, delivered with irresistible pop rhythms and intelligent thought.”

 - Parents' Choice© Gold Award Winner

“A sunny rock 'n roll bounce, light educational tidbits and positive messages infuse Days' clever flights of fancy.”

 - Parents' Choice© Gold Award Winner

“Joyful and empowering.”

 - Dallas Morning News

"Roger Day creates vivid images of the marsh and its inhabitants - including the marine biologists - in songs with titles such as 'I Love to Study Mud' and 'Alligator in My Refrigerator.' It's both funny and educational."

 - David Bryant, Georgia Sea Grant


“Get kids thinking with the fun wordplay in these lively tunes.”

 - Scholastic Parent & Child

“Roger Day has written songs with all our 4th grade classes for the past 15 years. He’s amazing and we love him.” 

 - Davis Drive Elementary School (Raleigh, NC)


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