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Why Does Gray Matter?

Roger Day's fourth release of family music "Why Does Gray Matter?" features 14 tracks that make innovative use of "the brain" as as theme for every song. "I'm pretty sure it's the first recording session in Nashville that researched Web MD for fact facts," says Roger. "One song "The Brain Train" is even co-written with a college friend, Dr. John-Paul Bouffard, who is a real-life neuropathologist."


The Schoolhouse Rock quality of this project is impossible to ignore and one of its best features. If you didn't hear these songs on this CD first, you might think you knew them from watching cartoons on Saturday morning.

 Roger's hope is that these songs will encourage kids that they have all the answers they need -- right now -- inside their brains. All they've got to do is jump on the "Brain Train", "Get Your Brain in Gear" and start to "Build a Better World. In fact, maybe that's the answer to Why Does Gray Matter?

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