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Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo

Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo is Roger Day's first collection of smart, interactive children's music. This turtle-wrangling family favorite contains 12 songs including the smash-hit "Mosquito Burrito" as well as the infectious, Carribean-flavored "Jump Up & Turn Around" and the get-up-to-do-what-must-be-done wake-up song "Reach Up", the only children's song ever written with the word "algebraic" in it. Audio/Video Guide says that "these sing-along songs will find a place in any music program", not to mention the family car on long trips!


Roger's energetic family shows have earned him 6 straight National Association of Campus Activities Family Entertainer of the Year nominations. NACA also presented Roger with The Harry Chapin Award for Contributions to Humanity, its highest public service award in recognition of the many community service concerts he does each year.  


Roger currently plays over 100 shows a year from Lafayette, Louisiana to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in theaters, schools, libraries and festivals. 

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