"If you want the world to sing, Dream Big!"

With five records and counting, several hit songs, viral video phenomenons, and more on the way, Roger Day is leading the pack in children's music. His signature wit and wordplay have produced countless songs that cover topics ranging from energy cycles and ecosystems, the functionality of the brain, and sound advice against the temptation to kiss a rhino. It doesn't matter if you're in preschool or a kid one hundred-years-young, there is a song just for you! 

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The one that started it all! "Rock 'n' Roll Rodeo" Features lots of action packed songs including fan favorite "Tookalamoga the Turtle" and perhaps the most well-known and loved Roger Day song of them all..."Mosquito Burrito."

Mosquito Burrito - Roger Day
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Tookalamoga the Turtle - Roger Day
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In his second studio album, Roger Day takes the success of his first record and sends it into the sky! Featuring songs like "Parachute Girl" and "It's a No No to Kiss a Rhino," it will launch listeners into orbit!

It's a No No to Kiss a Rhino - Roger Day
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Parachute Girl - Roger Day
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Perhaps known as Roger Day's signature album, "Dream Big!" will encourage kids of all ages to single loud, jump high, and dream big with songs that include the title track and the #1 XM/Sirius Kids Place Live hit, "I Like Yaks."

Dream Big! - Roger Day
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I Like Yaks! - Roger Day
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Inside every kid there is a big brain! With this album, listeners will explore every part of their minds with "Sara Bellum, the Brainy Girl." But they have to be careful or else they might get  a "Brain Freeze!"

Brain Freeze! - Roger Day
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Sara Bellum, the Brainy Girl - Roger Day
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In his fifth album, Roger Day travels to Sapelo Island to observe and investigate. What he discovers produce some amazing songs, like crowd favorites "Vulture Vomit" and so-silly-it's-spooky "Ghost Crab." 

Vulture Vomit (Studio Version) - Roger Day
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Ghost Crab - Roger Day
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