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Roger That!

Throughout his career, Roger Day has been praised by many different media outlets for his music, his shows, and even his work in the community. As Roger Day's career has progressed, one thing that has always stayed the same is his desire to keep people smiling and dreaming. These news pieces below exemplify just how Roger Day makes people from far and wide "Dream Big!​"

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The Daily Dot:

Roger Day got creative and connected with hundreds of school children in their classrooms during the slumber party. Day used Skype to put on a virtual concert for schools who were scrambling for ways to entertain their students overnight.

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Parents' Choice Award:

"'You get one life, you gotta make it count, so dream big,' sings Roger Day. A sunny rock 'n roll bounce, light educational tidbits and positive messages infuse Days' clever flights of fancy. They cover wide-ranging territory--"Rumble in the Jungle (The Elefunk Song)," "As a Matter of Fact, Jack, I Like Yaks!" hopping hippos and a tribute to pill bugs ("Roly Poly")---with hand jive rhythm. Layered instrumentals, with shivery strings and hot guitar licks and bass beats, are top-flight.

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